Alternate Rules

Combined skills:

  • Droid Programming and Droid Repair roll into Droid Programming and Repair
  • Space Transport Repair and Starfighter Repair roll into Starship Repair
  • Melee Parry rolls into Melee Combat
  • Brawling Parry rolls into Brawling

Willpower gets moved to Perception

Using Command skill: if a participant is trained and has 5D+ in the related skill, they count as two people for the purpose of calculating the skill bonus, but not the maximum number the leader can coordinate.

The Force becomes its own attribute, governing Control, Sense and Alter skills

  • It costs 2 Attribute points to get The Force at 1D at character creation.
  • It costs 10x the die code to increase it with a teacher, 30x without.
  • You get no new powers with new levels of The Force Attribute.
  • For every 2 dice you have in the Force attribute, you can “keep up” a power at no multi- action penalty.

The Lightsaber skill becomes an advanced skill (2x points to increase) under Melee Combat. A Lightsaber can be used with the Melee Combat skill, but runs the risk of self injury on a Critical Failure. The Lightsaber skill requires 5D in Melee Combat to get at one die. It can be added to the Melee Combat skill to use a Lightsaber, but still runs the risk of self injury. The Lightsaber skill dice can be combined with Sense skill dice by use of the power Lightsaber Combat, eliminating the possability of self injury. For every 1D purchased in Lightsaber, the character can learn one new Lightsaber combat form.

Lightsaber Combat becomes 2 separate powers; one under Sense and one under Control.

Alternate Rules

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